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Biuro Ochrony Mienia Sp. z o.o.

ul. Buforowa 2
52-131 Wrocław

fax: 71 722 39 60
tel.: 71 722 39 61
e-mail: sekretariat@silezjan.pl

NIP 8992521432 KRS 0000215314 REGON 933018220

The company is registered in the register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna VI Economic Department
Share capital 52 500.00 zł

  • security wroclaw

    Company HQ

    we are working from 7.30 to 16.30

    • fax.: +48 723 679 760
    • tel.: +48 723 679 761
    • mob.: +48 723 679 770
    • mob.: +48 723 679 790
    • e-mail: office@silezjan.pl
investigator wroclaw

New offer!

Our company offer a full range of investigaton services: search of persons and property, collection of evidence, economic intelligence, etc. The scope of activities also includes debt services and total novelty on the market: debt relief service.

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  • site security

    Manned guarding

    In order to protect personal assets we offer supervision based on stationary protection implemented in form of patrols and fixed checkpoints. Stations are positioned at sensitive points (entrance, exit, gates, etc.) while patrols extend the area of ​​surveillance.

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  • cctv monitoring


    Electronic security is the perfect way to secure your property. Installed alarm system is monitored by our 24/7 Operation Center, which instantly inform Quick Reaction Group about break-in. Properly placed cameras can cover 100% area for maximum protection.

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  • Ochrona Imprez

    Mass events protection

    Huge responsibility lies on the producers of mass events - not only must they take care of success of the show, but also of the safety of all participants. That's why we offer you our help and experience to provide professional protection for all types of events.

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  • Ochrona Alarmy

    Alarm systems

    Electronic alarm systems are one of many ways to protect assets from burglary or theft. Our people work in the security industry over a decade and continuously monitor the market in search of the best solutions that provide maximum protection at an affordable price.

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  • Konwojowanie wartości pieniężnych

    Cash convoying

    Convoys are held with high-performance cars tailored to the transportation of cash and valuable items. Transport is protected by at least two heavily equipped guards. Their task is to protect the values against robbery, theft, destruction and to provide them safe to the recipient

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  • Usługi porządkowe

    Cleaning services

    Maintaining cleanliness is not only to ensure adequate standards of hygiene in the workplace. Duly maintained workplace also increases the efficiency of work and allows customers to pay more attention to Your services and products.

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  • Monitoring GPS

    Monitoring GPS

    If mounted in vehicle GPS positioning system allows not only show the location of the company car but also perform analysis of traveling routes and therefore optimize fleet traffic in order to reduce fuel costs and save drivers time.

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